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Week 2 Predictions Recap

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Well, I didn’t do great on my predictions.  Without a truly accurate barometer, I’d say I went about 50% .  I went out on a limb with some of my predictions and was almost right (South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Houston).  Or, as my brother put it, I was almost not totally stupid.  I can only promise that as I have a more accurate to way to gauge what these teams are bringing to the table that the predictions will get better.  Without further delay, the predictions and the recaps…

1.  Big Weekend For The Big 12 And The Carolinas

This is the worst prediction I made for the weekend.  It opened badly with Colorado and Iowa State getting routed, and it didn’t improve much from there.  Texas struggled in the first half with Wyoming before opening it up the way they should have.  Kansas State rallied, only to fall short, to Louisiana-Lafayette.  Oklahoma State fell to Houston.  That’s two weeks in a row that a top-5 Big 12 team has lost, thank you very little.  True – Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas Tech won big against weak opponents.  But, at 6-4 on the weekend, the conference did decidedly worse than the 8-2  I promised.

And did anyone get to watch Missouri’s win over Bowling Green?  They sure held up the tradition of that game being a good one.  Missouri was down 20-6 late in the 3rd quarter.  Blaine Gabbert was getting owned – 37 yards passing in the first half.  But Missouri somehow found enough in them to close the game with 21 unanswered points for the come-from-behind 27-20 win.  Possibly the only true highlight of the weekend for the Big 12.

Speaking of thrilling comebacks, did North Carolina ever have one with UConn.  I expected that to be a walk for UNC, but they had to come back from a 10-0 4th quarter deficit, and ultimately won it on a safety that came as a result of a holding call in the end zone.  If it wasn’t for LeGarrette Blount, that would be the craziest thing I’ve seen in the young season.  And even though they lost, I’d still call it a pretty good weekend for South Carolina.  They played much better than most expected on the road against a tough opponent.  Hat’s off to them.

2.  Oklahoma State Will Lose A Little Bit Of Its Fresh Top-5 Shine

Alright, so I was half right on this.  And, instead of losing a little bit of its fresh top-5 shine, OSU lost all it.  South Carolina didn’t beat Georgia, but that Georgia went down to the wire at home against a pretty bad team didn’t make OSU look awesome.  And while Houston did give the boys from Stillwater fits, they gave them much worse fits than I expected.  The early  criticsm of Oklahoma State (weak defense) reared its ugly head as Houston burned OSU for 512 yards of offense and 45 points en route to the first big upset of the season.

And my early fears were met.  I predicted that Oklahoma State’s weak defense would cause them to lose games they should win.  I didn’t think it would happen this early, but I was afraid when they jumped into the top-5, because it now becomes very easy to portray the entire Big 12 as overrated.  But, at least I know where to place the blame.  Mike Gundy can take it, because he’s a man.  He’s 40.

By the way – Case Keenum averaged 386 yards passing per game last year, and he has 362.5 through two games this year, one of which was a road game upset of the fifth-ranked team.  Can we now talk about him as the most overlooked great QB in in the country?

3.  Bad Weekend For The Big 10

Not as wrong as my Big 12 prediction, but still wrong, as the Big 10 did much better than I expected.  Penn State won big over Syracuse, as expected.  Iowa State didn’t put up much of a fight as Iowa rolled to a big win.  And Northwestern, Indiana and Wisconsin all won, albeit closely in games where they probably struggled more than they should have.  And, of course, Michigan pulled out that great comeback win against Notre Dame, which appeared completely incapable of holding momentum.  The Irish scored 17 unanswered at one point in the first half and 14 unanswered at one point in the second half, but could not hold on to their leads.  Very nice win for Michigan, and I’ll gladly take being wrong on this prediciton if it means halting the talk of Notre Dame contending for the national championship dead in its tracks.

Although USC didn’t beat THE Buckeye State the way I expected them to, that was still a big win for USC and the Pac-10 and a big loss for OSU and the Big 10.  I was wrong this week, but this topic will get revisited throughout the season because the Big 10 needs to win a BCS Bowl before they get my respect back.

4.  The Holy Trinity Will Get Seriously Reshuffled Next Week

This will hold true, just not for the reasons that I thought it would.  Notre Dame now has a win over an unranked team and a loss to an unranked team that made their defense look like swiss cheese, so they should take a serious stumble.  Seriously – what kind of team piles up 490 yards of offense and still loses?

TCU won huge over Virginia.  Don’t be fooled by the final 30-14 score.  It wasn’t even that close.  TCU was up 30-0 before Virginia scored some consolation points at the end, and they ran all over the Cavaliers to the tune of 203 yards.  Virginia managed just 177 yards of total offense and seven first downs.  TCU deserves to move up after that win.

Utah will be the one that doesn’t go much of anywhere.  They won, but weren’t great against the same San Jose State team that USC annihilated last week.

5.  Vanderbilt Will Break Its Losing Streak To LSU

Alright, so this upset didn’t pan out, either.  But, it was a one possession game until LSU scored its last touchdown with six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.  You have to admit – it was a lot closer than you thought it would be.  That’s gotta count for something.


Written by Austin Swafford

September 13, 2009 at 1:06 am

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