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Week 2 polls

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Ohio State, Oklahoma State and Notre Dame are feeling the hurt inflicted by the voters in this weeks AP poll that came out today.

Lets jump right in.

No change in the Top 4 with the order being Florida, Texas, USC and Bama.  I only want to mention two things about these teams, Texas and USC better get their acts together if they plan on staying in the Top 5 the whole season.  Texas looked terrible in the first half of their game against a Wyoming team that was ready to play but seemed to never be able to conjure up an offensive game.  The second half of the Wyoming game was great to see but playing only the second half of a game is a dangerous game to play as we can all remember from last years heart breaker to Texas Tech. USC is a great team and always will be but being number 3 in the nation with a true freshman is a tall order and we all saw that against Ohio State, granted Barkley did put together a game winning drive when it mattered but again only playing a fraction of the game at a number 2 or 3 caliber of play will not cut it the whole season.

On to the rest, Ole miss moved up to number 5 from 6 which is only logical since they were idle and number 5 lost.  One thing to note is that Penn State is tied with Ole Miss for the 5th spot in the polls.  I think that the pollsters still have that view of Jevan Snead as the Heisman hopeful and that translates to their opinion of Ole Miss at this point in time.  BYU moved up 2 spots to number 7 in the nation which seems quite fair now given they stopped all over Tulane 54-3 if they keep this up I might have to go buy a BYU shirt, only kidding.  The number 8 team is California which still seems to be on track to make a great game against USC later on this year with a win this past weekend against Eastern Washington.  The first shocking change in the polls I saw this week was the fast that LSU moved up two spots in the polls from 11 to 9.  This normally wouldn’t bother me but the fact that it took them the whole game to beat an non-ranked South Carolina team is very disturbing to move them two spots.  I think one spot would be enough if they were to even get that.  Oh well there is always next week to get this corrected.  Boise State Broncos went up 2 spots from 12 to 10 with their shut out of Miami (OH).  Ohio State is one of the big losers this past weekend, I am sure Jim Tressel is going to take even more heat on how he cannot win big games as of late, but it seems that the young phenom QB Terrelle Pryor is taking the heat  “It just comes down to me. I take the whole blame for it.” The buckeyes need not get all down and out yet they only dropped to number 11 down 3 from last week, which still for some reason leaves them in contention for a BCS bid since the Big 10 is a horrid conference and any one or two loss team can get in the BCS from there.

Oklahoma moved up one spot to number 12 in the polls after their humiliation of Idaho State that ended with a final of 64-0 talk about taking out frustration.  Virginia Tech moved up one from 14 to 13 with a bounce back win to Marshall to follow up their tough loss to Bama.  Georgia Tech went up one also from from 15 to 14 after their nail biter with Clemson, that game was a showing that Georgia Tech can and probably will give up the big play in the game every week.  It also showed that Clemson has zero ability to hold on to a 21-0 lead.  Hats off to Georgia Tech for sticking with it and showing you have the tenacity to come back.  Another team that yet again slid up one is TCU, as stated in Austin’s previous week wrap-up the game was not reflective to the score. TCU is 15 up one from 16 last week.  Oklahoma State took the big dive this week dropping 11 spots to take the number 16 position on the polls.  I knew something like this would happen but I did not hope for it to happen so soon against such an opponent as Houston.  Not to take anything away from the Cougars but I really just wanted them to give OSU a scare so they would fall one or two spots in the polls.  Now Houston is in the top 25 which I believe will do nothing but confuse voters even more in the weeks to come because they have to think of how to measure this team since they exposed Oklahoma State as a Top 5 fraud.  My pick for the most underrated team in the Top 25 is the team that is ranked number 17 this week.  The Cincinnati Bearcats, granted they started the season unranked which is disappointing but they are 2-0 and in the past two games have out scored their opponents 117-18 with a noteable win at Rutgers.  Come on what does it take for a Big East team to crack the Top 15.  If they can outlast Oregon State it should make their argument pretty strong for the weeks to come.

Utah, one of the Mountain West Conference representatives dropped one spot this week in the polls.  The reason being they squeaked out a victory over a meager San Jose State that went 6-6 last year, they moved from 17 to 18.  Nebraska jumped from 22 to 19 after yet another convincing win over an out manned opponent, this week it was Arkansas State.  Miami stays at 20 after being idle this week.

Houston is the new comer to the Top 25 with their place being at number 21 with a shocker win over Oklahoma State, it was a glorious site to see if you are a U of H fan and only yet another nightmare if you are from Stillwater.  They were unranked last week.  Kansas moved up two spots from 24 to 22 after beating down on UTEP 34-7.  The fans almost got it right with the Georgia ranking, they did fall two spots after they pinched past the Gamecocks of South Carolina but I think at most they should be number 25 and not the #23 rank that they received this week.  North Carolina also is on my watch list of teams that are not worthy of being on the Top 25 poll after they were embarrassed by a newly reinforced UCONN team which should have for all intents and purposes won that game.  The final was 12-10 in favor of UNC and they come away still undefeated, they also take number 24 in the nation.  Wrapping up this poll are the Wolverines of Michigan which are used to having a number by their name and I am sure have felt quite weird not having it there for such a prolonged period of time.  They are in at 25 after their thriller of a win over the much hyped Notre Dame Irish.

Falling out of the ranks this week are two teams, Notre Dame and Missouri

Time for the Top 25 Conference sum up

Big 12 – 5

SEC – 5

ACC – 4

Big 10 – 3

Mountain West – 3

Pac 10 – 2

Big East – 1

WAC – 1

C-USA – 1


Written by Jon Castano

September 14, 2009 at 12:58 am

Posted in Poll Talk

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  1. I can’t believe Missouri fell out of the ranks. They won ugly, but they’re 2-0. And what’s Georgia, with a road loss to OSU and a hair of their chinny chin chin win at home over lousy South Carolina? They’re still in the top 23 at 1-1 while Missouri is out at 2-0. And that jump by Cincy is ridiculous. As is Mississippi moving into the top five on a bye week. This poll is even more messed up than the last. Thank goodness we still have a long way to go.


    September 14, 2009 at 1:38 am

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