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Comparing Conferences

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Lets have a little fun and compare these conferences this year while explaining what should be done about these teams that want to just have a shot for the national title instead of being called BCS busters every year.

I will cover 2 conferences a week for the next 5 weeks.

First off I am going to leave out the non-BCS schools which include

Sun Belt Conference, Mid-America, and Conference-USA.  I would like to mention that even though Houston who is currently ranked number 21 in the nation is in Conference USA we will leave the conference out because it does not regularly produce the so called BCS buster teams.

Next I will break down the conferences


The conference is split into two divisions (Atlantic and Coastal), Lets start with Atlantic

The teams in this division are Boston College, Maryland, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Clemson, and Florida State

One thing I see when I look over these teams, their records and their track records is this.  They either are so good that they just beat up on each other which leads to no true star showing up between them, Or they are all mediocre in their own ways.  BC, Clemson, and Florida State at one time were forces to be reckoned with in college football but those times are all but gone currently.  I mean sure Florida State was ranked in the Top 25, but that was short lived after they lost to Miami, and yeah Clemson gave Georgie Tech a scare last week but you have to remember that Clemson has gathered up a 21 point lead only to squander it before the clock hit zero.  Maryland, NC State and Wake Forest are a yawn in the conference and really have done nothing to be given a second thought on the national scheme of things.

On to the Coastal division

The teams in this division are Georgia Tech, Miami (FL), Duke, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Virginia

This division has an even more rich history in being in the national spotlight pretty much every team in the division has been in the top 10 in the past 5 years with exception to Duke who is only good at basketball (i kid, but seriously) This year Ga Tech, UNC, Miami  and Va Tech all are in the Top 25 which means only one thing.  Only probably two of them are going to end up in the Top 25 after they all beat up on each other.   Which two? Who knows, its early in the season and they all seem to be up and down to me.

Big 12

This conference is my bread and butter, what I live and die for year in and year out.  IMO this conference has the potential to be great all over the place.  It is split up into two divisions (Big 12 North and South) might as well start with the weaker of the two.

The North

The teams in this division are Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas State and Colorado.

This division has 2 teams that are currently in the Top 25 (Kansas and Nebraska), but honestly I don’t see why later on in the year 3 or 4 of these teams shouldn’t peek their head in the Top 25 at one time or another.  The current stand out team is going to be Kansas, only because over the past few years they have been a pretty consistent team in the Top 25.  There are teams in this division that are not as outstanding and border on the purely pitiful realm.  That would be Iowa State and Colorado, it is hard to watch these games because you know deep down that there are state championship high school teams that could beat them.

Time for the South division

The teams in this division are Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State.

This division is pretty much a powerhouse as of late, it is one of the hardest divisions to compete in and be successful in.  In past years it was Texas and OU with a dash of A&M here and there.  This year and a couple years back now, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech have become offensive power houses but still are missing that other dimension to their programs to solidify them as the real deal on the national scene.  This year there is a lot of hype around Baylor and their offense but we will have to wait to see if the Bears can produce.


Written by Jon Castano

September 17, 2009 at 1:10 am

Posted in Commentary

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  1. Missouri was unjustly bumped from the top 25 this week while thoroughly unimpressive Georgia survived the chopping block. Missouri will be back in the top 25. I still have serious doubts about Nebraska, but clearly you don’t share those…

    Austin Swafford

    September 17, 2009 at 4:01 am

  2. That issue with Missouri and Georgia is only here because of the completely unfounded preseason poll. If Missouri and Georgia both started the season at the same level or rank Missouri would undoubtedly be ahead currently because of they way they have been playing the year.

    Jon Castano

    September 17, 2009 at 12:07 pm

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