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(Jon’s) Week 3 Recap

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I title this as my recap because Austin should actually post his usual recap to compare his predictions and rant about the week that was.  I will just do my own thing to  give you readers the info and insight that you come to expect.

There were big problems with the Top 2 in the nation.  The matchups that everyone thought would be a blow out ended up being pretty interesting football games.  Florida was favored by 30 and Texas was favored by 19, neither team was able to beat the spread and at a certain point in both games it seemed as if the underdogs held their own destiny in their hands.  Then right after that happened the favorites did things in their own way to bring then momentum back to their own side.  In the Florida game the momentum changed back to the Gators when in the 3rd quarter it seemed as if Florida could move the ball at will on the Vols and scored 10 points at their own pace.  Florida defense was solid the whole game and held Tennessee to only 210 yards of offense the whole game.  In the case of Texas the Longhorns came out in this game taken off guard yet again.  I am going to stand strong on my opinion that UT has always had trouble with a good spread offense.  From back in the days when we lost multiple games to OU all the way to last week when Wyoming’s spread offense gave us trouble the whole first half of the game.  I tend to feel like the coaches use the players as the lab rats and analyse the huge gains that the other team makes.  Then when they go to the locker rooms for halftime they try to make adjustments to help how unprepared they looked the first half.  One way to avoid that is to actually be ready for the game in the first half, but what do I know.  Texas’s momentum changer came in the 4th quarter when Texas Tech was backed up in their own 15 and Sergio Kindle layed the wood to Taylor Potts, which resulted in a turnover deep in Raider territory.

Other notables were the shake ups in the Mountain West Conference.  Both #7 BYU and #18 Utah lost to what was then thought of as inferior opponents.  Oregon tops Utah at home with over 150 yards on the ground agasint what is usually a stout Ute run defense.  The game could have been a lot worse if Oregon did not turn over the ball 4 times to Utah.  On the case of BYU, it was just ugly.  Like the saying goes the Noles took BYU behind the shed and had their way with them for a whole 4 quarters of football.  Its not like BYU didn’t have an offense, they almost put 500 yards of offense on the board.  The deciding factor was the 5 turnovers that were given to Florida State.  Don’t get me wrong I still have little confidence in Florida State because personally if you force 5 turn overs and still lose then you are a hopeless football program.  They ended up beating BYU 54-28.  TCU seems to be the premier team in the MWC at this point in the season and I sure hope that they pull it out to be the BCS buster this year.

Heartbreakers this week would have to be the Nebraska vs Va Tech game.  I hate when things like that happen to teams that seem to have earned the win.  The Hokies ended up stealing the victory from the Huskers with 33 seconds left on the 11 yard like with a TD pass from Tyrod Taylor.  I give the credit to Tyrod for sticking it in till the very end and never giving up but man its tough to go down like that if you are Nebraska.  It also reinforces a comment a friend of mine made saying that the Big 12 is overrated and the ACC is the premier conference this year. 

On to a non-Top 25 game.  Arizona vs Iowa, I know what you are saying.  What am I doing wasting time on this.  Well I feel obligated to since I did have another conversation with Zeek Geek about this game.  He claimed that Iowa would hold Arizona’s top running back to under 80 yards.  I have to say he got it right, The running back Nic Grisby who was averaging over 150 yards a game was held to less than half his average against the Hawkeye defense.  Though Arizona as a collective did gain 158 on the ground, glad he didnt say they were gonna hold the team to less than 80 yards.  Iowa got a solid win 27-17 to help out the Big 10 this week who went 6-4 as a conference this week. 

That will wrap it up for today, just expect some major changes to the next poll to come out and come on back for the more indepth recap of Austin’s predictions of the past week.


Written by Jon Castano

September 20, 2009 at 12:45 am

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