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Week 3 Predictions Recap

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I just have to say up front that I did even worse with my predictions this week than I did last week.  I’m wondering if I’m really dumb or if I’m jinxing people with my picks.  I might have to choose something outlandish next week just to test.

1.  Texas And Florida Will Roll In Conference Rivalry Games

As Jon already pointed out, neither of these teams came anywhere close to beating the spread.  But, with the numerous upsets, this was the weekend that a lot of ranked teams limped away saying, “A win is a win.”  The biggest lead Florida ever held was 23-6 and Tim Tebow was less than spectacular through the air, throwing 14-of-19 for 115 yards, 0 TDs and one INT.  He did lead his team in rushing, though it was also unspectacular, going 24 carries for 76 yards and one TD.  His QB rating in the game was 114.

Speaking of unspectacular, Colt McCoy isn’t looking anything like a Heisman candidate right now.  He’s making the same kinds of bad plays and dumb passes that he made when he digressed during his sophomore season.  Against Texas Tech, he was 24-of-34 for 205 yards, one TD and two INTs.  His QB rating was a little better than Tebow’s (119), but Texas has to just be thrilled they escaped with a win.  They were outgained 414 to 340 even though they held Tech to -6 (yes, NEGATIVE) yards rushing.  That their front was able to so thoroughly dominate Tech was one of only two bright spots for Texas.  The other was Tre’ Newton who, with 20 carries for 88 yards and a TD, really looks like an every down back.  I’m sure the Longhorns are happy with a win, but they really have to be wondering today where they’d be if Tech hadn’t had 14 penalties for 104 yards and if they hadn’t gotten a touchdown off a very surprising onside kick by Tech early in the third quarter.

So, I was mostly wrong on this pick.  I was right that the top two didn’t get any clearer, though it wasn’t for the reason I expected, as neither team manhandled their opponents.  In the new polls Texas gained some ground on Florida, cutting their #1 lead from 87 point to 60.  I was wrong about Florida sending a message to Tennessee and forcing Lane Kiffin to shut up.  That’s truly the most disappointing part.  I was right about the Texas front seven causing Tech all kinds of problems, even though the secondary was just as bad as I thought they were.  And I was right that Texas wouldn’t match the four TD victory called for by Pat Forde.  So, I was 3-2 on this prediction.

2.  Oklahoma Will Struggle Against Tulsa

Wow, was I ever wrong about this one.  And I owe Landry Jones an apology.  Jones set a school record with six passing TDs as he led the Sooners to a 45-0 blowout of the Golden Hurricanes.  Jones has gotten better with each game and looks like he should be just fine playing against Miami in two weeks.  And speaking of those pesky Hurricanes…

3.  Miami (FL) Versus Georgia Tech Will Be A Thrilling Game That Will Enhance My Frustrations With The ACC

It wasn’t actually thrilling as Georgia Tech got dominated 33-17, but consider my frustrations with the ACC enhanced.  I knew that whoever won this game would get a lot more credit for it than they should have, and that was certainly borne out.  Miami has now defeated two ranked teams that probably shouldn’t have been ranked as high as they were when they played them, helping Miami jump from 20th to 9th in the polls.  They hurdled two other undefeated teams (TCU and Cincinnati) as well as USC and Oklahoma, whose only losses came in games where their QBs were out with injuries.

Combined that with Florida State jumping from unranked to 18th after routing BYU, putting three ACC teams in the top 20, I’ve already had about all I can take of ACC love.  And I stand by my prediction that neither Georgia Tech nor Miami will be ranked by the halfway point of the season.

4.  The Shootout Of The Week Will Be Nebraska At Virginia Tech

It wasn’t the offensive battle that I thought it would be, but it sure was a thriller.  VaTech made a last minute drive to score the game-winning TD and walk away with a 16-15 victory.  As it turns out, neither of these teams plays offense as well as we thought.  Nebraska bottled up the Hokies’ rushing attack, holding them to 86 yards and one TD.  And until the last drive, Tyrod Taylor was 10-for-24 for 100 yards passing.  He went 2-for-3 for 92 yards on that game-winning drive.

And Zac Lee was just dreadful.  11-for-30 for 136 yards, 0 TDs and two INTs.  The Cornhuskers never set foot in the end zone, settling for five field goals.  And the difference in the game was a drive in which Nebraska got down to the VaTech six yard line.  First and goal from the six.  Two false starts, two holding calls and a sack later, the Huskers had to punt the ball from the 37.  If you get to the six and can’t get a point out of it, you don’t deserve to win.  Which is why the Husckers are now 1-13 in their last 14 road games against ranked opponents.

5.  Big Weekend For The Mountain West Conference

You let me down, MWC.  You let me down bad.  They had a very real chance to go 7-2, but instead went 5-4.  BYU got destroyed at home by Florida State, dropping them from 7th to 19th in the polls.  Utah went to Oregon and lost at the inexplicably-difficult-to-play-in Autzen Stadium, dropping the BCS crasher favorite out of the top 25.  Wyoming got dominated by Colorado, who had looked completely incapable of winning in its first two games.  And even TCU only took a 28-14 halftime lead against Texas State before blowing them out in the second half.  UNLV, who defeated Hawaii 34-33, is the only team that really came through this weekend.  So much for the MWC being the best shot to crash the BCS.


Written by Austin Swafford

September 21, 2009 at 1:56 pm

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