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The AP poll seems to be the closest its been to getting it right this week atleast.

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This weeks AP poll more so correct than weeks in the past. 

1 Florida (50) 5-0 1490 1
2 Alabama (10) 6-0 1430 3
3 Texas 5-0 1395 2
4 Virginia Tech 5-1 1283 5
5 Boise State 5-0 1199 6
6 USC 4-1 1161 7
7 Ohio State 5-1 1048 9
8 Cincinnati 5-0 1038 8
9 Miami (FL) 4-1 970 11
10 LSU 5-1 947 4
11 Iowa 6-0 919 12
12 TCU 5-0 917 10
13 Oregon 5-1 776 13
14 Penn State 5-1 597 14
15 Nebraska 4-1 576 21
16 Oklahoma State 4-1 559 15
17 Kansas 5-0 551 16
18 Brigham Young 5-1 490 18
19 Georgia Tech 5-1 453 22
20 Oklahoma 3-2 432 19
21 South Florida 5-0 330 23
22 South Carolina 5-1 319 25
23 Houston 4-1 192 NR
24 Utah 4-1 76 NR
25 Notre Dame 4-1 75 NR

The top 10  is what I think it should be in that Florida is still number 1, but losing 10 of its first place votes to Bama, who is now number  2.  Texas fell to number 3 because of the lame showing they had against a dismal Colorado team. 

I am very unsure of where I would put Va Tech on account that they have done well on the season but they have lost pretty convincingly to the now-number 2 team earlier on in the season.  Now the number 5 team in the nation is Boise St.  Please someone tell me that the voters are taking crazy pills.  The problem with this is that the Broncos play pretty much no one for the rest of the season while the rest of the top 5 have pretty dang hard games ahead of them. 

6-9 are USC, Ohio St., Cincinnati, and Miami (FL).  They all seem pretty suited for their rank.  Kudos to  Cincy for being in the Big East and in the Top 10 and it NOT being in basketball. 

Iowa is 11, very fitting after another close game which they found a way to win again. 

TCU dropped a couple spots after barely winning their last game against Air Force. They are 13.

Who would have thought Oregon would be ranked ahead of Penn State at week 6 after the loss that Oregon sustained in the first week of this season?  They are 13 and 14.

Now comes the rest of the big 12 pack, with Nebraska, Oklahoma St, Kansas and Oklahoma consisting of  the 15-20 crowd.  Honestly, seeing what they have gone through this year, both in and out of their control.  I would say these are pretty well picked because each team seems to have either lost or struggled many times this year and they probably will each lose one more this year before it is over. 

Can’t forget GaTech in there, they are 19….they seem to always have a weak arguement to being in the top 25, but an arguement nonetheless.

South Florida, South Carolina, Houston, Utah and Notre Dame round out the list.  First off, South Carolina is the most underrated team in the Top 25. Secondly, Houston is back for some reason that is beyond me.  I would have thought giving up 41 points in one half to a horrible team like Utep would make people forget about you.  Guess I was wrong.  Thirdly, Utah is back.  I think they are an ok team this year.  They are no BCS busters by any means, but at least they are still playing solid football.  Big ups to the Irish for being worlds better than they were last year. 

Small Prediction:  If Texas wins this weekend they will be back in the #2 spot no matter what happens with Bama


Written by Jon Castano

October 13, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Posted in Commentary, Poll Talk

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