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News Of The Day: Another weekend of almost-shakeups; Ga Tech and Clemson poised for BCS; Tebow frustrated and Kiffin warned

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In its rundown of games from the weekend, points out what we all saw watching it – that it was a weekend full of almost-upsets that ultimately ended with no movement among the top-three, only one top-10 team losing and all seven undefeateds remaining undefeated.

The article also points out that the ACC dodged a tie-breaking fiasco (for now) when Miami lost this weekend.  As it stands currently, the ACC Coastal Division now has three teams (Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Virginia and Duke) that have only one conference loss.  The edge currently goes to Georgia Tech, which has a 5-1 conference record with wins already over Virginia Tech and Virginia with only Duke and Wake Forest to play (both of whom stink and should easily lose to the Yellow Jackets).  In the ACC Atlantic Division, Clemson is tied at the top with Boston College (both 3-2) with a half-game lead over 2-2 Wake Forest.  The Tigers already have wins over both teams with games remaining against Florida State, NC State and Virginia.  That means the two teams that are best poised to make BCS Bowls from the ACC are currently Georgia Tech (7-1, ranked No. 11) and Clemson (4-3, unranked).

Have I mentioned lately that I don’t like the ACC and that they should lose their automatic BCS bid?  Because I don’t and they should. also reported that, although he’ll take ugly wins over losses, Tim Tebow said he’s frustrated with the “interceptions, the sacks and the red-zone struggles.”  Though probably not as frustrated as the rest of us that keep expecting the Gators to lose, only to see them pull out victory after victory, sometimes with the help of the zebras.  Yes, Florida got some again Saturday – the ball was absolutely out before Dustin Doe crossed the goal line.  He was showboating and it should have cost them.  It’s a disaster that the officials blew that call on the replay.

Speaking of the guys in stripes, Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin got a warning from the SEC again this weekend for opening his big yapper.  He criticized the refs after Saturday’s loss to No. 2 Alabama for not calling a penalty when Alabama’s Terrence Cody took off his helmet and threw it on the field after Alabama blocked Tennessee’s last-second field goal to escape with the win.  More bad officiating.  The play and the game were not over when he removed his helmet.  Yes – the refs blew that call. Again! Seriously – what is going on with the SEC officiating?

The bad officiating aside, the question is still posed re: Lane Kiffin – after all of his talking, when does the SEC issue something more severe than a warning?  What’s the next step up from there and how many warnings are you allowed before someone actually does something?


Written by Austin Swafford

October 26, 2009 at 2:56 pm

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