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Fiesta Bowl leaves “what-ifs” in the air

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I really wish I could write more about this, but I only have a short time to write out a post. But I do have to take a minute to say that the Fiesta Bowl, while exciting as advertised and lower scoring than expected, still leaves so many what-ifs out there for me.

Boise State played much better than most expected, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  Even though they needed multiple TCU turnovers and a trick play on a fake punt just to win by seven, the Broncos pretty well dominated this game.  TCU was held well below their season averages in all offensive categories and Boise State is now one of two teams that will finish the season undefeated (along with whomever wins the national championship).

That’s a great finish for Boise State, but as badly as both teams played last night, I really can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Boise State had played Cincinnati and TCU had played Florida.  If we’d gotten the matchups that I dreamed about, would both teams have lost?  I’m not taking anything away from Boise State’s defensive performance, but TCU was flat-out miserable on offense last night.  Would BSU have stood up like that against Cincy?

It was the most exciting BCS Bowl we’ve had so far this year, but it still left me quite unsatisfied.  I wanted two undefeated teams from non-BCS conferences to have the chance to prove themselves against BCS opponents.  Now, after watching both of them play so poorly last night, I just wonder if the non-BCS conferences would have taken a massive step backwards had they played the teams they deserved to play.

Even with all the press the Mountain West Conference has generated this year by dominating the bowl season, you have to wonder if we wouldn’t be having a “wow, they really were overrated all along” discussion had Boise State and TCU been paired against the likes of Cincy, Florida, Iowa or Georgia Tech.  The only “what-if” that got answered last night was whether the undefeated team coming out of the Fiesta Bowl deserved a shot at a share of the national championship.  The answer is a certain and resounding “NO!”


Written by Austin Swafford

January 5, 2010 at 5:32 pm

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